Taipei 101 Specifications

  • Height: 1,667 feet (508 meters) as measured from the ground to the tip of the spire on top..
  • Highest Occupied Floor: 1,437 feet (438 meters).
  • Number of Floors: 101 (an additional five basement floors are underground).
  • Outside Observation Deck: 91st floor.
  • Construction Cost: US $1.8 billion.

  • Symbolism and Design

    Even the neighborhood and sculptures in the park surrounding Taipei 101 are meant to support the tower's feng shui and to prevent positive energy from escaping. The park is round to reinforce the idea that the tower is a giant sundial. From the shape of entrances to curving surfaces and colors, the landmark is designed to symbolize prosperity and good fortune. To some onlookers, Taipei 101 looks like a stack of Western-style Chinese food carryout boxes (traditional oyster pails), however, the tower is meant to represent a stalk of bamboo reaching into the sky to connect heaven and earth. The 101 floors represent adding one to the number 100, which is considered perfect and auspicious in Chinese culture. In other words, even better than perfect! The eight sections of the tower are a nod to the auspicious number eight, which represents abundance and good fortune in Chinese culture. Because four is considered an unlucky number in superstition, having a 44th floor was purposely avoided by creating a floor 42a to bump the 43rd floor into that position.